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About us

Creative Director - Nancy McCurtin

Nancy was an elementary school music teacher in her early career. She became an artist only two years before becoming blind and continues to create artworks without sight. She also became an author after losing her sight. Nancy's children's book "The Complete Story of Topsey the Blind Sea Turtle" (and several handicapped friends), who learns to paint. Nancy became totally blind in April 2016 and found it very difficult as an older person who was completely blind. Nancy struggled with daily activities of food, clothing, not being able to drive to the store, etc. ---all those things we take for granted.

Curator - Tom Bradford

Tom is the curator for the Trellis Art Center working alongside Nancy McCurtin. Tom has a masters of fine arts from the University of Alabama. In his career Tom  worked for many years in New York producing fine art and has taught in schools and universities from New York to Alabama. He currently resides in Topsail Beach, NC and is well known in the Topsail area for his signature house signs.

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